“Are You Sick and Tired
of Chasing After POORLY-PAID
Driving Jobs Only to be
Told They’ve Got Absolutely

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If you can say ‘yes’ – why not join
the smart crowd by working as a Specialist Courier
delivering repaired laptops and passports…


Apply by: August 30, 2014

Dear Applicant,

You know it and we know it.

Finding the right kind of driving job is tough – and finding the right kind of driving job that pays anywhere near a decent amount of money is even tougher!

Specialist Courier Driving has a number of benefits for those wishing to earn the very best hourly rate of return from driving. While it’s very true that the ‘average’ courier work out there is not that well paid – working as a Specialist Courier is a whole different ball game!

Everyone knows who the ‘big boys’ are in the multi-drop driving world, and everyone knows how those ‘lucky enough’ to get a job with them are most often worked like a slave, day-after-day, until they simply get fed-up and quit.

Yes, that’s the everyday reality for some… but it needn’t be that way for YOU.

Because there’s another, different and much more lucrative type of driving you can do.

And that is to become (and be 100% your own boss) a part-time or full-time specialist courier driver.

CourierDriving.com (established since 2002) - will show you a world of lucrative and highly paid driving opportunities that are kept hidden to all but the chosen few – and you owe it to yourself to see what you just might be missing-out on!

We’re going to show you how you too can make £350 or more a day (and all your fuel paid-for) delivering special packages across the UK.

Becoming a Specialist Courier Driver is NOT a ‘get rich quick’ scheme however, and it certainly isn’t a recipie for earning lots of money for very little work.

You will find that having the freedom to work as a Specialist Courier Driver means you get out what you put in. And once you do know the ‘tricks of the trade’ you can potentially earn the kind of living that would turn most drivers green with envy!

And if you have access to a car, van or motorcycle – you can do it!

So what exactly IS so special about being a Specialist Courier Driver?

Specialist couriers only deal with certain items and documents that have a very special value and importance. These include passports, cheques, deeds, wills, computer parts, laptops containing sensitive data, urgent documents and a whole host of items that the client would never entrust to an ordinary courier.

Such important items are sent and received by certain Solicitors, Accountants, Architects and various types of both normal and technology businesses.

What this means is; as a successful Specialist Courier Driver you would get paid a much higher rate of pay than normal for delivering as little as 1-3 parcels a day.

This unique type of work has long proven itself to be totally recession-proof and is much more highly paid than a normal driving job.

Yet in reality this work is no more difficult than picking-up a package from ‘point A’ and dropping it at reception at ‘point B’.

If you have a driving licence and are prepared to make a start then you can do it too!



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